Like, Am I Flocking Right?

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You are standing outside the Lancastle Building, an imposing yellow-stone building surrounded by a large paved plaza. The building has been very strongly barricaded.

Urban Dead – The City

You attack the zombie and miss.

Urban Dead – The City

“With Omar as Homer, and Badr
substituted for Bart, The Simpsons is now playing on Arab television.
But in order not to risk offending an Arab audience, the characters in
Al Shamshoon, as the show is now called, have modified some of their
most distinguishable traits.” And you thought internationalization was
hard for software!

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

I hate it when people rip out the core of something because it may be
offensive ..What a bunch of Melon farmers**Melon Farmers is a reference
to the BBC TV cut of “Repo Man” where the words Mother-fucker were
replaced by Melon farmer

Slashdot | Homer Becomes Omar

real burning question regarding an arabic simpons edit: Who’s working
at the Kwik-E-Mart?I mean, I’m sure guys like Apu working at
convenience stores is a much less common sight in Syria than it is in
the American midwest. Would they even get the joke over there?

Slashdot | Homer Becomes Omar

gonna make a mess behind my cabinet though, I already have 3 surge
protectors behind there, kinda daisy-chained together, lol. What a fire

QJ Forums – Xbox 360 Power Adaptor

             monkey19089: what the flock, nick, that blows

(From an AIM Convo)

Just a small line of quotes from the things I read in the past hour, I guess this is the purpose of flock, but its purpose is useless, its like, free, viral advertising for any and all websites…

Btw, this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT, this site needs to be wider!

And now for the blog part, yeah… Feel like shit, I’m like being torn to pieces, due to some previous drama (oh how I hate drama) with this one girl from sterling whom I went out with for like, an hour then said “I need more time”, And I don’t get why she even said yes in the first place, because from the way she’s been as of recent, it doesn’t look like anything is ever going to happen with us, and I can’t stop thinking about her, it was a stupid thing to do, for both people, I shouldn’t have asked her our, and she shouldn’t have said yes, now, afaik, we’re both like, spinning out in a major emotional crash… And then this other girl was like, flirting with me, and like was all like, super curious in whom I liked and she asked me every 10 minutes till I told her to stop… I’d like, flat out say ok lets hang out and whatever, but she dresses like a 7th grader, and therefore she looks like one too, And nobody wants to tell her cause we’re afraid her feelings will get hurt or w/e, though she does have a nice body and personality and such… Yeah, just kind of rambling on about whatever… Robotics was, uh, roboticsy…

Shit has been building up, between the fact that Lit is so boring (And excessively easy, If i’d have done some lame essay on time, I’d have a 100.5% In the class), and the fact that I lost all will to work due to the aforementioned problem, I am probbly gonna go back to shitty grades…


I’m pretty sure that I got a free ticket to Harpo’s for the Children Of Bodom concert on november 12th, where I will also get to MEET THE FUCKING BAND, which I am totally psyched out….

I was gonna put a list of shit to look foward to in november, but this fucking list tool is whack, and good ole’ adhd kicks in and I try and think about everything at once and I’m getting really mad at everything, and I hate this, She’s impossible to talk to now, and that hurts, and the other person wasn’t on at all today, and that sucked too, hey neat-o, eminem is in a ipod commercial, I’m not a fan of rap but hes a michigan native so yay…

Hmm, flickr looks neat, I need a camera, and friends, and illeagl things to do…

Oh, heres my delcious thing, its like, my favorite links for everybody to see, basically when you look for somthing new you browse around on here to find somthing new and awesome…



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Ok, so this is like, where I just drag cool shit, and tell other people to go here to look at it, seems easy enough, I’ll try to make a habit out of it the next few days…


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Still not entirely sure what its all for, but I have the flock blogging tool set up…so yay!


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Testing this out with like, Flock or w/e, once its all set up I’ll let everybody know…

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!